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Sunday, April 4, 2010

NPR: Haitians Faith Unshaken -- Mentions Pastor Louis

Inside 1st Lutheran Port-au-Prince Taken by Me in February 2010

This morning before church I came across this story from National Public Radio. To my surprise, this story mentions, the damage to 1st Lutheran Church in Port-au-Prince, Wilnande Monpremier, who was injured in the earthquake at 1st Lutheran Church, and Jeanne Louis, the widow of Pastor Doris Louis, who was brutally murdered a few weeks ago. I was surprised that NPR discovered the Lutherans in Haiti.

The Lutheran school where Wilnande Monpremier was injured

The story also interviews Roman Catholics and the chief voodoo priest in Haiti. The Roman Catholic Priest struggled with the theodicy question. He mentioned that the Lord was testing the Haitians' faith and that this was not divine retribution -- good. Then he goes on to say that the spiritual and the natural should not be mixed, seeming to imply that the earthquake is a purely nature phenomena. Max Beauvoir, a prominent voodoo priest, states that voodoo practitioners believe in God but that he doesn't control earthquakes. He said, "God has never pretended to be able to manage the Earth. Only Christians believe that — that God manage the Earth." He then goes on to say that accidents like earthquakes are outside of God's control -- the answer of a good Pantheist. 

Today, on the celebration of Christ's resurrection, we take comfort in the Lord who has conquered death, hell, and Satan, knowing that he also has control over the earth, for nothing is outside of his authority or dominion. 

Read the NPR Story below and click on the headline for the original story.


Haitians' Faith Unshaken By Earthquake

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