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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Katy Trail Weekend

Halfwheeler attached to Bike

I recently got a Giant Halfwheeler Trailer Cycle so I could take my kids along with me when I went bike riding. I purchased it at the Bike Center in Des Peres, MO -- things like this are not typically carried in the large retail chains like Dick Sports, etc. I purchased the more expensive alloy version which weighs 19 pounds rather than the steel version which weighs in at 26 pounds. Seven pounds may not sound like much but when you are pulling a 50 pound child, who ten miles into a 20 mile ride doesn't want to peddle any more -- it makes a difference. The Q-Link clamp makes it a snap to attach to the bike and the water bottle holder let's the kiddies have a something to drink along the way too.

Q-Link clamp

Up until this weekend, I only had opportunity to try out the Giant Halfwheeler in the neighborhood. The kids loved riding on it so much that while I was at work my daughter would phone me up asking when I could come home and take her on a bike ride. After a few weeks of heavy travel, I had a few days off, so I decided to take the kids (on two different days) to the Katy Trail.

Halfwheeler in the Neighborhood

My usual Katy Trail trips begin at Creve Couer Lake. After riding around Creve Couer Lake, we take the Katy Trail Connector across the Page Extension Bridge and then get onto the Katy Trail.

Which Way to Go?

Once you reach the Katy Trail at the Page Extension Bridge, you need to decide which way to go. Kaitlyn and I rode to Frontier Park in St. Charles, MO. 

Katy Trail going towards St. Charles, MO.

Katie at Lewis and Clark Memorial, St Charles, MO.

Katie at the Katy Trail State Park

From Creve Coeur Lake to Saint Charles and back is about 20 miles. Katie did great on the Katy Trail. We were even interviewed by a Saint Louis Post-Dispatch Reporter. She was working on a story for the 20th anniversary of the Katy Trail. In any case, it was a great day to ride.

SportyPal Track of Ride from Creve Coeur Lake to Saint Charles
(About 20 miles)

My son, Kit, did not want to be left out. So on Saturday, we rode the Katy Trail beginning at Creve Couer Lake and went to Defiance, MO. The total ride was about 47 miles (my cell phone died so the map stops at 40 miles). He did great; in fact, while I was tried after the ride, he was energized. We saw several interesting things along the way.

Kit and abc3+ at Weldon Spring, MO

The next time we ride the Katy Trail, Kit wants to see the Weldon Spring Nuclear Waste and Adventure Trail. I have been there once before. So it should be an interesting ride there.

Katy Trail heading towards Weldon Spring and Defiance, MO

A View along the Katy Trail

Bridge Across Femme Osage Creek on Katy Trail

Once you get to Defiance, MO, you need to stop at the Katy Trail Bike Rental for rest and refreshments. We stopped and bought several drinks and some ice cream for strength to return to Creve Coeur Lake. From the Katy Trail Bike Rental store to Creve Coeur Lake is about 23 miles. Kit also got a bell at the store.

Kit's Bike Bell

On the way back we stopped at the Bush Conservation Nature Area off of the Katy Trail. We saw insects, wildlife, and streams (as well as sewage treatment plant).

Dragon Fly

Stream in the Bush Nature Conservation Area off Katy Trail

I-64/40 Along the Katy Trail

All in all, the Giant Halfwheeler was a great investment. I think we will have many hours of use from it. The two days on the Katy Trail for a total of almost 70 miles was great. It does get tiring pulling the kids. However, my son who is 2 years older than my daughter was able to peddle much more. Our average speed was 2 mph faster than with my daughter. The kids are looking forward to the next trip. (The day after Kit and I rode to Defiance, MO, and back, Katie and I rode through Queeny Park -- a new post on that.) I heartily recommend the Giant Halfwheeler to anyone who wants to cycle further than children on their own are likely able to do.

Kit's and abc3+ SportyPal Track Lake Creve Couer to Defiance, MO
(About 47 miles)

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  1. Thanks for the nice report. I've wanted to ride on the Katy Trail for about all of the 20 years it's been there but haven't gotten to it yet. I'm more encouraged to "get to it" soon now.