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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marriage by God's Design -- CPH Video Bible Study

Check out the trailer for Marriage by God's Design, a CPH Bible study edited by Robert Baker and features among others President-elect Harrison and his wife Kathy. Take a look.


What does the Bible teach about marriage?

Today, there are a lot of conflicting ideas about what marriage is and isn't. Love. Adoption. Engagement. Children. Divorce. Wedding. Civil union. Single living. Widowhood. Separation. Chastity. Until death do us part. What does it all mean? Are there any concrete answers, or is it all just opinion?

Thankfully, God has given us the reliable guide to help us navigate through the confusion: His Holy Word. "Marriage by God's Design" is a unique resource that mines the riches of Bible texts speaking to God's holy institution of marriage. Through thought-provoking questions and explanations of Greek and Hebrew terms, participants will explore, learn, and grow in their appreciation of Christian marriage. Video vignettes of real couples and singles will foster meaningful and fruitful discussions about the challenges and joys of married—and single—living.

Because it is based on Scripture, "Marriage by God's Design" is a perfect resource for small group study, marriage renewal or retreats, and premarital counseling in your congregation.

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