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Friday, November 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree, Black Friday, Thanksgiving 2010

Kit and Grandpa Preparing to Cut Tree Down
On so-called "black" Friday, our family followed a long standing tradition of going to cut down a Christmas tree in Tennessee, near House Mountain. The selection of trees was rather limited due to a drought that killed nearly 3,000 trees this year.  Nonetheless, we managed to find a Christmas tree.

The video was shot and made on my iPhone 4 using iMovie for the iPhone. Amazing what this little device can do.

We cut our tree at T-n_T Tree Farm. T-n-T Tree Farm is owned and operated by Douglas and James Toliver. White pine, Virginia pine and Scotch pine are all available, and this farm will be open daily from November 23 to December 22. Hours are Monday thru Friday from noon till dusk, Saturday from 9 am till dusk, and Sunday 1 pm till dusk. Wreaths are also available, and hot drinks are served to patrons. T-n-T is located at 8237 Millertown Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 37924. Feel free to contact them for any questions at 865-932-0658 or 865-919-8118. Also, they can be reached by email at

Sun setting behind the ridge
Here are a few other photos.


  1. What a great video! Looks like you all had a great time & made some wonderful memories! Lots of love to you all!
    Stacy :)