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Monday, October 10, 2011

Installation of Rev. Tony Booker at Saint Michael's in Prague

The Installation of Rev. Tony Booker
On Saturday, 8 October 2011, Rev. Tony Booker was installed as pastor of the Saint Michael's English congregation in Prague and missionary to Eurasia. Rev. Booker was called by the Board for International Mission (BIM) in June 2011 and was ordained in August. Prior to the call of Pastor Booker to the Saint Michael's English Congregation, the church had been served for the past five years by retired LCMS pastors. For the past year, Rev. Ronald Stehr has served the congregation. He is scheduled to return to the United States after his last service in Prague on 13 November 2011. Pastor Booker pending funding considerations hopes to arrive in Prague for full time service beginning in January 2012. During the interim period, the English Congregation will be served by another LCMS pastor located in Eurasia. For more information on assisting Rev. Booker please visit\Booker.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill preached the installation sermon.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill Preaching the
Installation of Rev. Tony Booker on John 20:19 - 31.
Dr. Quill's sermon is provided below.
John 20.19-31 Installation of Tony Booker in Prague

After the installation sermon, the service continued with the installation liturgy from the Lutheran Service Book Agenda.

Because Pastor Booker's installation occurred immediately following the Lutheran Theological Conference in Prague, several LCMS and partner church pastors were able to assist in the installation, including pastors from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Rev. Dr. Brent Smith in the foreground at Saint Michael's
Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill,
Rev. Tony Booker, and Rev. Dr. Larry Rast
You can see more information about Rev. Booker below.
Booker Czech Rep

-- Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, LCMS Director of Church Relations

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