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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working Agreement Between ECAV and the LCMS

Rev. Tony Booker, Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Rev. Marián Čop, and Dr. Jaromír Neumann Sign
working agreement between ECAV and the LCMS

 On 11 July 2012, The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (ECAV) in the Czech Republic signed a working agreement with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod at Saint Michael's Lutheran Church in Prague. The working agreement is not a declaration of altar and pulpit fellowship between the churches, but rather it expresses both churches commitment to engage in further discussion as they work together in limited ways externally. For instance, both churches agree to have regular contact between the churches' leadership, to strengthen the work of pastoral ministry through lectures and symposia, to invite each other to theological presentations, and to share theological opinions with each other, especially as these statements pertain to "theological and ethical problems of our civilization."

 Dr. Collver, Director of Church Relations, and Superintendent Marián Čop Sign the Agreement 

The other concrete area the agreement covers is the operation of the English speaking congregation of the ECAV in Prague. Specifically, the ECAV has agreed to allow the LCMS to operate the English congregation as if it were a LCMS congregation, including the right to select and install a pastor in accordance with the procedures and policies of the LCMS. This agreement will allow Rev. Tony Booker, LCMS Missionary to Eurasia, to serve the English congregation as a Missouri Synod pastor upholding the LCMS position on altar and pulpit fellowship and conducting the service according to the Lutheran Service Book.

 Working Agreement Ready to Sign between ECAV and the LCMS 

Rev. Marián Čop, Superintendent of the ECAV, noted that this relationship with the LCMS was very important to his church. Dr. Collver noted that the desire for this working agreement shows that the LCMS has contributions to make to world Lutheranism, particularly in the realm of theological dialog, education, and in the social and ethical arenas. This short video introduces St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Prague and references the newly signed working agreement.

If you are interested in assisting Rev. Tony Booker with his work in Prague, please visit:

A few more pictures.

 Saint Michael's In Prague 

The City of Prague in the Evening Prague on a Summer Evening 

The Astronomers' Clock The Astronomers' Clock at 10 PM

posted: 11 July 2012
-Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, LCMS Director of Church Relations and Assistant to the President

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