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Saturday, February 16, 2013

ILC Letter to EECMY

Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt, Chairman
P.O. Box 690407 • 30613 Hannover GERMANY
Telephone: 49-511-55-7808 • FAX: 49-511-55-1588

Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, III, Executive Secretary
1333 S. Kirkwood Road • St. Louis, MO USA 63122
Telephone: 314-996-1430 • FAX: 314-996-1119
E-MAIL: albert.collver@lcms.org15 February 2013

Dear President Idosa and the members of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY):

To the church of God in Ethiopia, Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We, the members of the International Lutheran Council and the attendees of the African Lutheran Theological Conference held in Accra, Ghana, on 12 - 15 February 2013, heard the report of the EECMY to sever fellowship with both the Church of Sweden and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) over the issue of same-sex marriage and the ordination of practicing homosexuals into the pastoral ministry.

We want to commend and thank you for taking a stand on the Word of God. In fact, we praise the Lord that he has brought this good work to fruition in the life of your church. Your conscience-bound view that the Scripture Alone is the only source of authority in deciding this matter is the view shared by the members of the International Lutheran Council (ILC). We pray that the courage you displayed in standing upon the Word of God will spread to other churches in Africa as they struggle on how to approach historic partners who have departed from the Word of God.

You and your church will remain in our prayers.

In Christ Jesus,

Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt

Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, III, Executive Secretary

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE─2013-2015: Africa: Christian Ekong; Asia: James Cerdeñola; Europe: Jon Ehlers;
Latin America: Egon Kopereck; North America: Robert Bugbee (Vice Chairman); Secretary: Gijsbertus van Hattem

Participants of the African Lutheran Theological Conference Co-Signers:

- The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guinea Conokry, President Mamadoune Félíx
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Burkina Faso
- Lutheran Communities Church of Congo, Rev. Dr. Dongo Lussambu
- Antananarivo Synod of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, Rev. Dr. David Rakotonirina, Bishop
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia, President Amos Bolay
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Congo, President Joseph Mavongou
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ivory Coast, President Tade Désiré
- Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Sierra Leone, President Alex Lansana
- Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda, President Charles Bameka
- Lutheran Church of Togo
- Lutheran Church of East Africa, Bishop-elect Jesse Angowi

International Lutheran Council Members (

- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina (Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Argentina)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in Belgium (Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk in België)
- Christian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia (Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica Luterana de Bolivia)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (Igreja Evangélica Luterana do Brasil)
- Lutheran Church—Canada
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Republic of Chile (Iglesia Evangélica Luterana de la República de Chile)
- Lutheran Church—Hong Kong Synod (香港路德會)
- China Evangelical Lutheran Church (中華福音道路德會)
- Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Denmark (Den evangelisk-lutherske Frikirke i Danmark)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church—Synod of France and Belgium (Église Évangélique - - Luthérienne - Synode de France et de Belgique)
- Independent Evangelical—Lutheran Church (Selbständige Evangelisch - Lutherische Kirche)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana
- Lutheran Church of Guatemala (Consejo Luterano Iglesia Luterana en Guatemala)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne D'Haiti)
- India Evangelical Lutheran Church
- Japan Lutheran Church (日本ルーテル教団)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya
- Lutheran Church in Korea (기독교한국루터회)
- Lutheran Synod of Mexico (Sinodo Luterano de Mexico)
- Lutheran Church of Nigeria
- Gutnius Lutheran Church
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay (Iglesia Evangélica Luterana del Paraguay)
- Lutheran Church in the Philippines
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Portugal
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia (Евангелическая-лютеранская Церковь ИНГРИИ)
- Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa
- Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
- Lanka Lutheran Church
- Evangelical Lutheran Church of England
- Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
- American Association of Lutheran Churches
- Lutheran Church of Venezuela (Iglesia Luterana de Venezuela)
- Lutheran Church of Australia
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in Peru (LWF recognized congregation)

- Posted by Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, Director of Church Relations, from Accra, Ghana.
- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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