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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ordination at Roppingi Lutheran Church

Roppingi Lutheran Church is located in midtown Tokyo. Roppongi (六本木) means "six trees." A large number of expatriates live here and it is the location of a number of embassies and businesses.

Roppingi Lutheran Church was begun by Rev. Dr. William Danker in 1948. US Military chaplains identified properties that were located in prime areas at economical prices. As a result, the Missouri Synod was able to purchase the property that today resides in midtown Tokyo.

Today was a particularly joyous occasion as Tomohiro Fujiki was ordained as the youngest pastor (27 years old) in the Japan Lutheran Church. President Kumei ordained Tomohiro Fujiki on the 1st Sunday after Easter (7 April 2013).

The LCMS guests (Collver, Masaki, Golter) were invited to participate in the ordination, along with 12 other clergy living in Japan. Dr. Masaki, Professor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, is pictured above laying hands on Fujiki and quoting from Matthew 17:6, "Listen to him." Rev. Randy Golter, Executive Director of the Office of International Mission, quoted from 2 Tim 4:2, "Preach the Word."

Dr. Collver cited Titus 2:1, "But you publicly speak what accords with sound / healthy doctrine." The Greek word for "sound" is related to the English word "hygiene." The teaching or doctrine that is preached is clean / pure / healthy. This "healthy" doctrine keeps the body of Christ healthy, pure, and clean. Preaching pure doctrine is the task Pastor Fujiki was given.

After Pastor Fujiki was ordained, he celebrated the Lord's Supper.

The congregation receives Holy Communion from newly ordained Pastor Fujiki and the other assisting pastors.

After the service, the pastors who participated in the service and the attending congregation gathered for a group photograph.

Rev. Kumei, President of the Japan Lutheran Church, talks with Dr. Collver and Rev. Golter at the reception. President Kumei indicated he was pleased with the visit and hopes that the Japan Lutheran Church and the Missouri Synod could work together with renewed energy in Japan.

The visit between the Japan Lutheran Church and the Missouri Synod representatives went very well. The people of the Japan Lutheran Church showed great hospitality and kindness to us. We look forward to what The Lord might work between us in the future.

- Posted by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations

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