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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Antsirabe Blind School

On Wednesday, 16 October 2013, Drs. Collver and Quill visited the Antsirabe Blind School operated by the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM).

The blind boy pictured above is working on arithmetic. The girl in the lower corner when asked the question, "When asked who is Jesus?" She answered, "Jesus is the Son of God." The school makes a point of teaching the Small Catechism to the children.

This little blind girl is just now learning how to communicate. When she arrived at the school she knew no words. Now she can name the parts of her body: head, ears, mouth, et al., and her ball.

One problem the Antsirabe Blind School is the lack of resources. Formerly the school was supported by the Norwegians, but recently the Norwegian government cut the aid to the school because it teaches Christianity. If the school agrees to stop reaching religion, they could continue to receive aid. Pictured above is maize, which is the food eaten by the poorest of the poor in Madagascar. The children are frequently hungry.

On the left, some boys are washing their hands before lunch. On the right is pictured the kitchen which uses a wood stove to cook the corn.

Our interpreter and sometimes English teacher for the blind school and another teacher at the blind school.

Here is a view of Antsirabe from the hill overlooking the city.

Both Drs. Collver and Quill were moved by seeing the children at the blind school. It was wonderful to see the Malagasy Lutheran Church engaged in caring for children in need. The greatest gift the blind school provides is not the life skills but faith in Jesus!

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Location:Làlana Rainitovo,Antananarivo,Madagascar

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