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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wittenberg Meeting

On Wednesday, 29 January 2014, the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg (ILSW) met in Wittenberg, Germany, to discuss the ongoing reconstruction of the Old Latin School. The LCMS Office of International Mission (OIM) area facilitators also were able to join the ILSW for a tour of the construction site.

LCMS President Matthew Harrison, SELK Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt, and the Oberbürgermeister of Wittenberg Eckhard Naumann discuss the reconstruction of the Old Latin School.

Pastor Michael Kumm, chairman of the ILSW, conducts the meeting. Bruce Kintz, President and CEO of CPH, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Rast, President of Concordia Theological Seminary and Chairman of the CTCR, and Mr. David Rohe, executive director of CID CEF, listen to the update on the project.

The reconstruction of the main room which will serve as the chapel in the reconstructed Old Latin School. The main beam has warped approximately 6 inches over 400 plus years.

The Old Latin School being reconstructed next to St Mary's church in Wittenberg.

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