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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Arrived in Houston

Last evening we arrived in Houston after an extended airline flight that included circling the city for an hour before being diverted to Austin for refueling. A two hour flight became something like 5 hours but fortunately we arrived safely. When the plane touched down at the Houston-Hobby airport, the cabin broke into applause -- something unusual for flights in the USA but more common overseas, especially in the two-thirds world. In fact due to weather -- Houston is inundated with rain, thunder storms, and flooding -- Rev. Matthew Harrison, who left Saint Louis three or so hours after me arrived nearly the same time. All things work for good and in this case we were able to head to our lodging together. Houston 2010 is a long way from Chicago 1847 -- might be a toss up where the weather was better but I suspect Chicago. While travel by barges and steamship were slower than a 737, you could at least enjoy a cigar along the way (at least a pipe) -- as we know C.F.W. Walther did. He and his associates thought it helped them ponder theology better. It was a different time and I am not suggesting a cigar is needed for theology. One thing pondering theology over a cigar gave Walther and company was time. Time to study the Scriptures and Confessions, think, mediate, pray, and discuss -- mutual conversation of the brethren. May We have such opportunities in Houston.

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  1. Another reason to have the convention somewhere else! Seattle is great this time of year.