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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Udom Center Kenya -- LCMS Work of Mercy and Mission Continues

Dedication of the Udom Orphan Center in Kenya for 1001 Orphans

Imagine my surprise when I saw the picture above come into my email box from Kenya. Originally, I was scheduled to travel to Kenya in April 2010 to dedicate the Udom Orphan Center. However, I was unable to make the trip due to the volcano in Iceland. Although I did not have the opportunity to "open" the orphan center as the plaque indicates, I did have the privilege of working on the 1001 Orphans Project  along with many dedicated staff and caring church members throughout the LCMS during my time with LCMS WR-HC. These sorts of projects are "compeled by the love of Christ" toward our neighbor; they are also something as a church we can be proud to be a part of. In light of the restructuring of the LCMS at the 64th regular convention some people have wondered what becomes of these works of mercy, projects like 1001 Orphans, and the church's work of mission to the world? The short and simple answer, "The Work Continues!"

President-elect Matthew Harrison at the convention said, "Our vision for being merciful and being Lutheran will continue and even expand." The Reporter Online, notes how the work of both mercy and mission will continue in the midst of restructuring. The restructuring changes not the work of the church but simply how that work is carried out, primarily at the International Center. 

How many times has the Coca-Cola company restructured? (The Coca-Cola company was founded in 1886, only 40 some years younger than the LCMS.) You probably do not know (I don't). Do you care? No. Why? Because even when the Coca-Cola company restructured, you still could buy Coke at the grocery store. The internal restructuring of the company did not affect the delivery of the product. 

LCMS Restructuring is NOT Coke II

(A side note: in 1985 Coca-Cola introduced "New Coke" or "Coke II" -- a product of surveys and market research. In terms of the church, such a "new" product would be the equivalent to heresy or a different message than Christ Crucified. Coca-Cola had to repent of its sin and re-introduce "Coke Classic." Fortunately for the LCMS, the Synodical restructuring voted on in the 64th Regular Convention is NOT Coke II; it is not the changing of the "product." The proclamation of Christ Crucified and works of mercy continues.)

Be assured the LCMS' work of Mission, Mercy, and Life-Together continues. Stay tuned: the future is bright and the times are exciting.


  1. Pr. Collver,
    Congradulations on your new job. I was pondering the weight of cross which Lutherans of my "age" bore between Seminex and New Coke. At least the errors of the heretical "new" coke were quicky dispensed with (and never to return.) Would that Pr. Harrison's new position allow him such latitude and direction.

  2. I didn't know how to comment on your pictures of Madagascar, and then I found this blog! I want to thank you for posting those (I found them via a Google search), I am going there in a couple weeks with Scarlet Holcombe. I'm a nurse. I went with her to Kenya in February. I had no idea what Madagascar would look like, and now I do! So thanks again!

    Maureen Rooney RN
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. Glad you found the Madagascar pictures on Picasa helpful... I hope you have a good trip as you carry out your work of mercy as a nurse in Madagascar.