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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adobe Create PDF for iOS

Adobe Create PDF

One of the coolest apps I have seen for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) recently is Adobe's Create PDF for iOS. As far as I am concerned, PDF is one of the best formats out there and should be the preferred method of emailing documents, etc. One of the challenges for me on the iPhone and iPad is that I could not create PDFs easily. Up until this time, the best I could do was print a document using Printopia, an AirPrint solution that I linked to my DropBox account. It also required that I have a Mac running the Printopia software. At the LCMS International Center, the ports required were blocked by the fire wall, so there went my solution at work. On the road, Printopia was not a viable solution. Now came along, Adobe's Create PDF. Thus far, it works pretty well for me. It requires an internet connection, as the document is sent to Adobe's servers and sent back to the iPhone / iPad.

You can visit the Adobe Blog or the Apple iTunes page for more info.

Here is a video from Adobe on how it works.

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  1. Dr. Collver, this is a slick program...great research in finding it...thanks.