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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Powder Valley and Deer Before Work

Hickory Ridge Trail
Deer Coming Around Trail Bend
This morning before heading to the International Center, I stopped at Powder Valley for a short hike in the woods. As many studies show now, "Quiet Green Spaces Reduce Stress." So I thought I would take a short walk before entering the office and then heading to KFUO. To my surprise, I almost literally ran into a deer. Nice to see a bit of nature before work.
A Fawn Nearby
A Doe Attending to Her Fawn

Hickory Ridge Trail and Map


  1. It is a nice, quick hike. St. Louis has a lot of great places like that, easy to get to and very scenic.

    I love watching the deer at work when I get there before dawn. Last year, some baby fawns didn't get the message they weren't supposed to be out in broad daylight. I think they were too busy scarfing up the apples that had fallen from the crabapple tree to remember. It was cute to watch.