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Friday, March 5, 2010

Haiti Update from Rev. Glenn Merritt

Rev. Glenn Merritt Meets with Marky Kessa and Revenal Benoit
To Discuss Disaster Plans

Yesterday, Rev. Glenn Merritt returned from his fourth trip to Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010. Glenn noted that in comparison to previous trips, people are out and about on the streets more and that commerce is taking place. With over 1 million people displaced by the earthquake, the top priority in terms of relief is shelter. After shelter, hygiene and sanitation is the second most important priority. In his phone interview he discusses some of LCMS World Relief and Human Care's plans to provide temporary shelter to assist people in Haiti. He also noted plans for two assessment teams sent by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti to help fine tune the relief plans. President Kieschnick accompanied Rev. Glenn Merritt for a portion of his trip to Haiti.

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Haiti Update Audio Interview with Rev. Glenn Merritt

Sidney and President Kessa standing near 
the LCMS World Relief and Human Care Disaster Sign

Rev. Glenn Merritt LCMS World Relief and Human Care
Videos Presidents Kieschnick and Kessa passing out Arch Books to children
Provided courtesy of LCMS World Relief and Human Care and Concordia Publishing House

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