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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lutheran Hymn Revival: Pastor Doris Jean Louis Murdered in Haiti

Pastor Doris Louis with Rev. Glenn Merritt
From Our Trip at the beginning of February 2010

Check out this blog post by Amberg (thanks Jim Voelz for the heads up) and hymn dedicated to Pastor Doris Jean Louis who was murdered in Haiti:

Lutheran Hymn Revival: Pastor Doris Jean Louis Murdered in Haiti

Blogger Amberg dedicates the following hymn "to the Lutherans in Haiti mourning his [Doris Jean Louis] death in Haiti." 

The death of those who knew their Lord
Who trusted in His holy Word
Is precious in the sight of God,
Who bought their souls with His own blood.

What crime, disease and wickedness
Abounds on earth, in all of us!
How weak we are - how poor and small!
Yet Christ our Savior loves us all.

And where and when it pleases Him
The Spirit works true faith in them
Who hear their Shepherd call and come
To pick them up and take them home.

Our God from all eternity
By grace alone chose us to be
His children and His holy heirs,
With whom He every blessing shares.

And though death cruelly takes our life,
Our fame, our goods, our child and wife,
What have we lost? Death is our gain,
All we have lost is sin and pain.

For once upon a cross of wood
All sin was placed upon our God,
Who was made flesh our flesh to save
And gives us vict’ry o’er the grave.

You loved ones of this Christian saint,
Pour out your hearts; sing your complaint,
Your Father hears your painful prayers
And knows your pain and counts your tears.

Lift up your hearts, weighed down by fear,
Your Lord and Brother still is near
To take your burden from your soul
And take your life in His control.

And soon Christ will the night destroy
And usher in the day of joy,
When we will see the saints in light,
And stand in robes of perfect white.

And we will gather round His throne
And with one voice praise God alone:
To Father, Son, and Spirit be
Praise now and eternally!


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