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Friday, October 22, 2010

Berlin -- Church Visits

President Harrison and Rev. Dr. Gottfried Martens
Stand at the Baptismal Font at Mariengemeinde in Berlin
On Friday morning, President Harrison and I arrived in Berlin, Germany, for meetings related to the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg (ILSW), a project the Synod in the 2010 convention passed as Resolution 1-08 -- "To Encourage the 'Wittenberg Project' as a Gospel Witness Opportunity" and for a meeting of the International Lutheran Council (ILC). The afternoon afforded the opportunity to visit several church sites in Berlin such as SELK's Mariengemeinde in Berlin, founded by Bishop-Emeritus Schoene. Dr. Martens wrote this excellent essay on the "Agreement and Disagreement on Justification by Faith Alone," in CTQ.

St. Marienkirche next to Fernshturm, Hermann Sasse's first parish
We were also able to visit St. Marienkirche, where Hermann Sasse first served as a pastor. Next to his parish now is the Fernshtum, a 365 meter tv transmitter tower built by the communist government.
St. Marienkirchen, Sasse's first parish
We also saw the Nikolaikirche, where Paul Gerhardt was pastor.

Nikolaikirche, where Paul Gerhardt Served
Berliner Dom
Nearby is the Berliner Dom, which became a Lutheran cathedral and later a Union church. Now Luther and Melanthon stand in front while Calvin and Zwingli in the back.

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