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Friday, October 8, 2010

Overnight in Tokyo

After landing in Tokyo, the connecting flight to Soeul, South Korea was cancelled due to mechanical problems. The airline rescheduled the flight for Saturday at 6 am. Because bad weather was moving into the area, the airline was offering $750 in vouchers because the expected the other two flights scheduled to Korea on Saturday to be cancelled. So ended up spending the night in Tokyo.

This morning we were to take the bus to the airport. So many people were headed to the airport that It took four bus loads. The line for the bus started at 4:30 am.

Rode the bus sitting next to an American. Amazing how in the States you would not necessarily talk to someone who sat next to you on the bus but overseas a fellow American is either somewhat of an annoying experience or a long lost brother. The guy I sat next to had travelled to a dozen or countries last year. It was a rather enjoyable experience. He also was a Christian. In any case an interesting experience. Long lines at the airport and Kutan.

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