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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kwaheri Kenya (Goodbye Kenya)

At the airport in Kisumu
The trip to Kenya was very good. Had an opportunity to see old friends and view various LCMS projects in the ELCK. Had the opportunity to meet with all of the bishops in the ELCK, except for the South West Diocese. The group from the LCMS consisted of District Presidents (Fondow and Baneck), people from Concordia Lutheran Ministry (CLM) (Wolf and Hardy), Project 24 (Weinlaeder), LCMS Church Relations (Collver), and the LCMS Board for International Mission chairman (Seter).

All in all a good trip. Thank you to our friends in the ELCK for your hospitality.

A good book on the history of the Lutheran Church in Kenya is A Door Opened by the Lord: The History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya by Rune Imberg, published in 2008.