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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Witness Connected to Liturgy -- BJS Conference

The Brothers of John the Steadfast held a conference on Witness, Mercy, Life Together. President Harrison spoke at the banquet. I did not attend the conference as I was in Africa, however, BJS has made the audio of the presentations available. The one that caught my attention was by Cantor Philip Magness, who also serves as the Secretary on the Board for International Mission (BIM). The part of his presentation that I appreciated the most was his explication of λειτουργία (litergia) in terms of witness, mercy, and life together. Magness identified six occurrences of λειτουργία (litergia) in the New Testament that can be divided into Witness, Mercy, and Life Together. To usages of λειτουργία (litergia) correspond to Witness, two to Mercy, and two to Life Together. λειτουργία (litergia) is found 6 times (Lk. 1:23; 2 C. 9:12; Phil. 2:17, 30; Hb. 8:6; 9:21). In any case, it is worth a listen.

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