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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Hacked!!

Well for some reason both my blog and Matt Harrison's blog has been hacked. We have changed passwords, email addresses, and taken other security measures but nonetheless -- posts about security software for Windows 7 (hint use a Mac or Linux, forget Windows -- that would be my post!!), or viagra, etc. are not from either Matt or myself. We also have an "editor" in the USA who will hopefully remove any offensive content until we sort this out... hang in there... tomorrow D.v. (deo volente -- God willing) a post from Haiti...


  1. This is interesting, that yours and Pr. Harrison's were hacked. Did you both blog from Haiti? Do we have an ISP who's snooping passwords?

  2. Well right now blogging from the Atlanta airport... most of the blog posts from Haiti came from my cell phone... a variety of ISPs and a variety of security measures... and I'm not inexperienced in all this "computer security" stuff ... so, a little perplexed right now... see what we can do to stop it... abc3+