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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miami International Security and Helpful Employees

Well, every trip is an adventure. We arrived at Miami International 2 hours before our flight, after catching a few hours of sleep. (We got into Miami at 1 am from Minneapolis with only one lost bag and a lost tent for Haiti. Still don't know where that is. Maybe Delta will find it). Once at the airport, we checked in only to find an extremely long line to check baggage. Took us almost an hour to get through the baggage line. However, once at the counter, we were informed that it was 5 minutes too late to make the flight.

The clerk at the counter reacted to two items on my person: 1) my clerical collar, and 2) the WR-HC ID pictured above. Next thing you know, she quickly checked out bags and had us follow her to the TSA baggage check point. Then she got us to the front of the security line, which no doubt would've taken almost another hour to get through. The TSA agents were also very helpful. Thanks to all who helped us make the flight.

So we're on the plane and off to Santo Domingo. From there we fly to Jacmel, Haiti. We heard that the Mercy Medical Team (MMT) is at the airport in Santiago and preparing to leave. We'll update as we are able . . . Hopefully, the spammer is done.

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