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Friday, January 22, 2010

Meeting with Haitian Police Chief

The Haitian police chief offers to send Haitian policemen along with the team to ensure safety. He thanked everyone on the team for coming to Haiti to help his people.

We crossed over into Haiti a little after 6 a.m. To meet President Kessa. Presently, we are waiting at the police station in Haiti for President Kessa to arrive. Although Port-au-Prince is only 60 kilometers from our location (1 1/2 hour drive by car on a good day), the traffic has been delaying travelers.

The sunrise in Haiti was beautiful. The tempature is still pleasant but rapidly warming up. The Southern Cross was a glorious sight last night. In the midst of devistation, suffering, and need there is still beauty in creation.

This morning at the clinic the pastors visited a man near death. On the way into Haiti we passed three helicopters sitting in a football (soccer) field. Pastor Krey indicated that the three helicoper pilots have saved numerous lives by ferrying critical patients to the hospital.

As we walked into Haiti, we saw several relief conveys -- Save the Children, the United Nations, etc. Headed to Port-au-Prince. It seems that the NGO Relief Agencies are finally able to enter Haiti. This means that slowly the conditions inside Haiti are improving.

The need will continue long into the future. Christ have mercy.


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