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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Columbus Indiana -- Lutheran Laymen League and Orphan Grain Train

Enlargement of Luther Nailing 95 Theses
Stained Glass St. Paul's Lutheran Columbus IN

Today Matthew C Harrison and I arrived in Columbus, Indiana, for a Lutheran Laymen's League banquet held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Pastor Bauman was an excellent host at St. Paul's. The church completed a building project in the spring of 2009. The sanctuary is splendid and has wonderful stained glass windows (a few pictures are below). We also met with Gene Wint of the Indiana division of Orphan Grain Train. The partnership between Orphan Grain Train and LCMS World Relief and Human Care has been very valuable and we are thankful for the work of OGT and people like Gene. Finally, you have to watch this short video clip below from Matt Harrison's presentation on Wyneken. This is only a 2 minute clip and it is very funny. Later, I hope to post more of the presentation.

Wyneken Video Clip

"We Preach Christ Crucified..."

Gene Wint and Matthew Harrison at OGT sorting area

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