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Friday, July 29, 2011

Meramec Greenway -- Arnold's Grove Trailhead

Today, I had a chance to walk a portion of the Meramec Greenway in the near 100 degree heat of Saint Louis, MO, with my two dogs -- Coco and Smokey. The trail is 3.5 miles long from Arnold's Grove Trailhead to Greentree Park. The dogs and I only walked a portion of it today due to the heat. In 1909 Harry Arnold owned the site of the Arnold's Grove Trailhead where he rented 250 canoes. The park opened a century later in 2009 (Read about the opening of the park here.) 

From Arnold’s Grove Trail Head, the 3 miles of asphalt trail follows the river eastward, passing beneath Highway 141 and the Burlington Northern Railroad to a boat access at Meramec Landing Park, continue on the trail east to Simpson County Park. Here it connects to an existing trail that continues east to Kirkwood’s Greentree Park.

Below is a map of the park and some photos. At the very bottom is a copy of the Meramec Greenway Newsletter which describes Arnold's Grove Trailhead.
VP Kirkwood Map

Railroad Bridge

Water Fountain and Dog Watering Station

View of Meramec River

Paved Trail
Arnold's Grove Park News52_Sum09

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  1. Nice post, Albert. Lauren (my 10-year-old) and I rode bikes there last month. We added the loop around Simpson Lake which connects with that trail for a scenic (and shady!) side trip. Great flat trail, perfect for kids and families.