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Monday, July 18, 2011

Papillon, Smokey -- New Dog

Smokey, a Papillon
Over the weekend, we expanded our "pack" to include a Papillon, named Smokey. For the record, it is Kaitlyn's dog... He is about 6 months old and we got him from a dog rescued.

Papillon's are among the oldest of dog breeds. Papillon is French for "butterfly," a name supposedly given to the Continental Toy Spaniel by Marie Antoinette, who supposedly carried her "Little Butterfly" with her to the guillotine. According to the legend, her dog was spared her fate and lived the rest of his life in the Papillon Building in Paris.

Several famous paintings from the 16th century have papillon's in them. As a breed the dog is among the most intelligent. Coco, our English Cocker, already has been bested by Smokey who steals the tennis balls and hides them from Coco.

Coco did try to burry Smokey when she dug her hole.

Coco and Smokey playing
Here is a little video about the Papillon from Dogs101.

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