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Monday, February 8, 2010

Haiti and the role of Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne

As Pastor Doris Jean Louis mentioned in his video interview, Dr. Robert Preus and Concordia Theological Seminary played a large role for him in bringing Lutheranism to Haiti. Over the years CTSFW has done significant work in Haiti.

Here are the Haitian pastors who have studied at CTSFW:

Doris Jean Louis
Israel Izador
Thomas Bernard
Jean Claude Marin
Revenel Benoit
Paul Touloute
Marky Kessa
Daniel Paul
Eliona Bernard
Blaise Marin

In addition to the role of Dr. Robert Preus, other CTSFW faculty members have played a role in Haiti, especially, the sainted, Kurt Marquart.

As we reflect on Haiti, we should remember the role that CTSFW has played in this. Keep in mind, I am no Fort Wayne fan-boy as I graduated from Concordia Saint Louis; nonetheless, I am grateful for the work that CTSFW has done in Haiti, not to mention in Russia with the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church.


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