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Monday, February 1, 2010

Tropical Serenity and Contradiction

Seeing the sun reflecting off of the ocean in the early morning with the sound of waves crashing against the cliff, a person can almost forget that a couple of weeks ago Haiti was struck by an earthquake that caused such a loss of life and devistation of property. At least this morning overlooking the ocean and seeing the bees collect pollen in the mimosa, Haiti appears to be a tropical paradise.

The serenity of the tropic paradise is dispelled once you travel down the plateau into Jacmel (which was not hit as hard as Port-au-Prince). Last evening, a man whose leg was amptutated came to the church seeking help for pain. Because the clinic was not yet open, he was assessed quickly, and it was determined he could wait until the morning. He was seen this morning.

On a different note, last evening while we were eating dinner, the bats were flying above our heads, eating the bugs. Generally speaking, I like creatures, such as lizards, etc., that eat pests. However, Jake Fiene quipped, "Bats are just like flying mice." Just as he said that I noticed a dropping on my plate. Now I'm not an expert on guano, but it sure looked like a mouse dropping. Flying mice, indeed.

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