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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Powder Valley Winter Lunch Walk

Nestled between I-44 and I-270 is Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, a 155 acre park on the border of Kirkwood and Sunset Hills, MO. . Fortunately for me, Powder Valley is about a 7 minute drive from where I work, allowing me to go walking there during my lunch break. The park has four short trails, each of which can be walked in 30 minutes or less. The longest trail is about 1.1 miles. Powder Valley even has a blog site describing current conditions, featured animals, and upcoming events. The park provides a little respite from the city and a break from the office. One of my goals this year is to visit as many of the 50 plus conservation areas in the greater Saint Louis, MO area. After I visit the site, I will post something on the blog with a few photos and my hike from SportyPal. I do not know many metropolitan areas that have such a rich park system as Saint Louis.

Today, the trails at Powder Valley were open but snow covered. I wore the wrong shoes, as my dress boots do not really have the necessary traction for slippery conditions. The trails are paved with asphalt, making it a relatively easy walk (except in icy conditions). A variety of wildlife can be seen in the part ranging from frogs, to birds, to deer. The park also has a very nice nature center that features a number of exhibits including a Missouri River exhibit of live fish. A visit to Powder Valley is worth your time.

Two of the Eight Deer I Saw

Creek in Powder Valley

SportyPal/Google Earth View of Powder Valley (click for larger image)

Map of Powder Valley (click for larger image)

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