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Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Olympics Wii Style

For Christmas, Terra's parents got the family a Wii. I'll admit that initially I was skeptical as I do not really play video games. However, the Wii has been a lot of fun for the entire family. Over Christmas time, we had a lot of fun playing the bowling game that came with Wii Sports. This evening my wife, Terra, and I played darts -- cricket -- after dinner. Once we had the Wii, I was interested in the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board. I figured this could be a way to doing some working out in doors while it was winter. Sure, it would be like mountain biking but it could be fun. 

In honor of the Winter Olympics, I recorded three short winter sports videos from the Wii Fit Plus: Ski Slaloming, Ski Jumping, and a Snow Ball Fight.

abc3+ in Ski Slalom Wii Fit Plus

abc3+ trying Ski Jump Wii Fit Plus

abc3+ in Snow Ball Fight Wii Fit Plus

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