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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rescue Marker

In this photo, the yellow painting indicates a location rescue workers visited. In this case, rescue workers from Columbia found three dead. No one is entirely certain how many people died in Jacmel. While driving, we passed at least one building that rescue/recovery workers had not been through. Other than Canadian troops at the Jacmel airport and a few troops in the refugee camp, military troops are remarkably absent. While in Jacmel, we have not seen any United Nations troops either. Absent also are the national police. There is no heavy equipment to remove debris. In some cases lacking proper equipment, cracked buildings are just being replastered. We passed several homes that had tents in the yard. People are afraid to sleep in their houses. The most damaged section of Jacmel resembles Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Animals, especially pigs rummage through garbage, searching for food. Young puppies play in the rubble, and children fly kites. Seeing the children fly kites gives me greater appreciation for the book Kite Runner about the war in Afganistan. At least the kids have found a good use for dental floss.


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