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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glow in the Park

Bass Pro Shop Balloon "Glowing"

Last night, as a part of rest and relaxation from the past several weeks of preparation for the installation service, we went to the "Glow in the Park," held in Saint Louis' Forest Park. The "Glow in the Park" event is part of The Great Forest Park Balloon race. I do not know how many years this has been going on, but it has taken place ever since I first arrived in Saint Louis in 1993. According to The Great Forest Park Balloon FAQ, the race began in 1973 and has been on-going for the next 37 years.
Glow in the Park Logo

This is a 20 second video I shot of the event on my iPhone 4. I also edited the video on my iPhone 4. It is amazing how video editing can be done on a mobile phone. I used Apple's iMovie for the iPhone. This little video was my attempt to learn the program and see what it can do. Considering the application costs $4.99, it is remarkably capable.
Spot in Forest Park I dropped Terra and kids off
Forest Park was absolutely packed. The only place we saw parking was near the zoo. The kids were getting antsy and wanted to see the balloons. So I dropped Terra and the kids off, figuring we would meet up later. I asked Terra, "How will we find each other?" She replied, "We both have our phones." Well, that was a mistake. This was my first major experience of AT&T's overwhelmed cellular network. There were so many people in Forest Park to see the balloons, I couldn't even send a text message on my iPhone 4. Needless to say, after parking the car nearly 1.5 miles away from the location of the balloons and after walking to where the balloons were, it took me two hours to find Terra and the kids. In any case, everyone involved had fun.
Pepsi Balloon
All the Balloons Firing Up
A photo Terra took of all the balloons
Taking down the balloons at the end of the evening

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