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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rebuilding a 747 in the Sky

Thanks to Dr. Larry Rast and his fine comment in my previous post, "Mount Everest By the Spoonful." In that post, I noted how President Harrison described the implimentation of 8-08A (restructuring) like the retrofitting of a 747 while it is in flight. Thanks to Dr. Rast, we have been alerted to a consultant who can help rebuild a 747 while it is flying in the sky. Now I know why seminary professors must be consulted regarding the best way to bring about 8-08A. Watch the video below. Perhaps, we can find an airline pilot who can describe for us what it is like to fly a plane as it is being rebuilt. Enjoy :)


  1. Flying a plane while it's being rebuilt? It's the airline industries' next big push. The dirty little secret though is that they're not going to use mechanics, they're going to issue each passenger a kit (complete with instructions of course). Each passenger will be responsible for their assigned airplane system. With internet transparency driving down the price of a ticket, they have to cut corners to stay aloft. Just pray you're not the passenger who gets the kit for the computer systems if you're not cyber-literate. Truthfully though, it's a real pain trying to read the paper while they're installing the windshield.

    I'm certain that the LCMS is employing the finest "mechanics" available as the synod is retrofitted mid-flight. With Captain Harrison and First Officer Mueller, they can meet any challenge. Plus, they can always radio to the ground and consult with Dr. Rast for unexpected mid-flight technicalities. And with ABC as the Navigator, what could possibly go wrong! He's a veteran reader of theological maps.

    Scott Diekmann
    Captain, Alaska Airlines ;>)

  2. This would actually be a pretty awesome experience! I wouldn't mind seeing my plane switch around transformers style mid flight.