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Friday, September 24, 2010

Grassroots Witness, Mercy, Life Together Video on YouTube

Tonight I stumbled upon this grassroots video that took images from the Synod's website along with the Witness, Mercy, Life Together emphasis artwork accompanied by A Mighty Fortress. Enjoy.


  1. Pr. Collver:

    It's nice to know this is encouraged. The information at the bottom of the Emphasis page seemed to indicate that the logos were only to be used for LCMS or congregational business.

  2. Not sure where this came from but the basic idea could be expanded nicely into a "the church in action, word and sacrament joined with acts of mercy" video.

  3. Dan,

    The notes on the Emphasis page are there to protect the legal rights of the LCMS. We need stuff like that. Commercial use or profit of the logos, etc. cannot be allowed, at least not without explicit approval. Yet we want pastors and congregations of the Synod to use the material. The video is something put together by LCMS people to promote the emphasis and it isn't for sale or for profit. It doesn't alter the images or use than contrary to its intended purpose. So stuff like that is fine.

    (Note: my comment isn't a legal opinion nor is it an official opinion. More of a rule of the thumb or guiding principle sort of comment.)


  4. Thanks for the info.
    It is always great to find new blogs of note
    BTW - Don't forget there are ways where you can get hundreds of subscribers to your blog :)
    Walt Bayliss
    CEO and Founder

  5. Brian Yamabe is a gifted man! Those like him and Pr Fisk (and other "youngsters") are the future of the LCMS.

    Thanks again, Brian