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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kazakhstan and LCMS Election

Thought I'd share an event that happened right after the installation service for President Harrison and the other officers et al of Synod on 11 September 2010. Practically just after I walked out of the chapel of Saints Timothy and Titus ... my iPhone began to ring. I thought to myself, "Who would be calling me now?" Nonetheless (perhaps addicted to the phone) I answered. The voice on the other end was my dear friend, Rev. Gennadij Khonin from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He wanted to let me know that he was watching the LCMS installation service on the Internet while in Russia. He saw the entire service and wanted to Thank God.

It was good to hear his voice... tonight, Gennadij sent me these pictures today from the last time that he was in the United States when he saw both Matthew Harrison and me. Pastor Khonin came to the United States, in part, to witness the LCMS convention. I first met Gennadij -- I don't remember if in the United States or over in Russia... in any case, Pastor Khonin phoned right after the installation service to wish the LCMS the Lord's deepest blessings from the Lutherans in Kazakhstan.

Rev. Gennadij Khonin and abc3+

Rev. Gennadij Khonin and President Harrison


  1. Gennadij is one of a kind - a true blessing to the Church. I had the privilege of being a classmate of his at CTS. Any time we see each other now, he always warmly greets me and asks how is the family and life in the parish.

  2. Al,

    Thank you so much for posting the insider info. I plan on pointing people here often in order to "feel a part" of the LCMS's new leadership. It's a great blessing to have transparency!