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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gift From IELA and Mission Song

President Harrison Displays Gift from IELA

"The Just Will Live By Faith" -- Romans 1:17

President Emeritus Edgardo Elseser, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina (IELA), sent this plaque back to the United States as gift to President Harrison. "The Just Live By Faith."

The theme of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina's convention was "Servants in Mission." At the convention, the choir sang the anthem, "Vivamos para compartir." The musical arrangement for this anthem was prepared by Sergio Friztler, the Rector of the Concordia Seminary in Buenos Aires. 

Vivamos para compartir

Everyone who attended the assembly/convention of the IELA received the plaque below.

After returning from Santa Elena, I had the opportunity to go with Missionary Ted Krey to a library in Buenos Aires. In the library was the portrait of Jesus with the Woman at the Well.


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  3. It looks like the assembly was packed... The wall portrait is beautiful!