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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ordination at Amigos de Cristo in Dominican Republic

Rev. Daniel Preus, 4th Vice-President of LCMS, Ted Krey, and Walter Ries
Laying hands on Willy de la Rosa Gaspar
Yesterday on 13 March 2011, we participated in the ordination of Willy de la Rosa Gaspar, the first Lutheran pastor ordained in the Dominican Republic. The service was held at "Amigos de Cristo" (Friends of Christ) Evangelical Lutheran Church, where Pastor Gaspar was called. 

Rev. Sergio Fritzler, Argentina
Pastor Sergio Fritzler, President of the Lutheran Seminary in Argentina, preached on Matthew 20:18-20. At the very end of the sermon, a partnership agreement between the LCMS and our sister church in Argentina was signed for joint theological education and mission work in the Dominican Republic.

Part of the Ordination Rite
Willy Gaspar in the ordination rite, pledged himself to the canonicity of the Old and New Testaments. He confessed the ecumenical creeds and pledged himself to the Book of Concord.

At Willy Gaspar's ordination, the congregation sang, "Sostennos Firmes," Lord Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word.

Twenty-one clergy present for Willy Gaspar's Ordination
A number of people were present at this joyous celebration, I am afraid I would fail at listing all of the names but Mario Lehenbauer from Brazil, John Willie, DP South Wisconsin District, Jack Preus, Daniel Preus, Carlos Hernandez, Timothy Quill, Albert Collver, David Birner, and others...

Al Collver and David Birner
David Birner who is the Interim-Executive Director of World Mission attended Willy Gaspar's ordination. Dave was here visiting Ted Krey, Regional Director for the LCMS in Latin America.

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